New Website

A new incarnation of has arrived! The previous design had been adjusted several times since its inception in 2003, including a complete overhaul after a virus attack - but always followed the same general design/layout. My time dedicated to birding & photography has decreased steadily in recent years, which has also led to significantly less effort put into working on the website. Therefore the time was ripe to adjust to a low-maintenance design. This template should allow for greater focus on some of my personal favourite work as a photographer, but will also be a serious reduction in the overall quantity of photos and information available online. Some sections, such as the popular gull page, will carry-on their legacy as part of the ebird macaulay library; where I have been able to upload nearly 1200 unusual-gull-page photos to date. Also, my generic birding blog will hopefully continue unaffected at

I hope to utilize this journal specifically for recent or semi-recent photography endeavours, and perhaps the occasional question. I've perpetually had workshops or guided tours on my mind, but have never pulled the trigger in those particular areas. Is there an appetite for such events in southern Ontario? What do you think? What if it was a combined gull identification, photography-improving travel adventure to Daytona Beach in Florida??? More to come...