San Diego Trip - La Jolla

La Jolla!!!!!!!! (la hoya - not la joe-la)... Famed bird photography destination  - the place where you can photograph pacific Brown Pelicans with their beautiful red throat-pouches.... It's everything you've already heard from a photography perspective. I went several times, and Pelicans definitely stole the show - although I  never really had any truly spectacular lighting conditions, there were endless opportunities to be creative. More pelicans:

Whenever I needed a Pelican-break, it was easy to switch over to Gulls or displaying Cormorants (99% Brandt's).


Two of my visits had "high" high tides, so I spent some time on the shorebirds scattered around the rocky shoreline. It is my understanding that there are better rock-piper locations in San Diego, but I was quite happy with my images from La Jolla and ended up skipping more established hotspots for these species. (They weren't terribly tame, but a 600mm and a bit of patience did the trick). 

One last element of the site (that I was able to take advantage of) is the age-old adage of "high volumes of people = tame birds" (unless they're hunters). I spent some time along the coastal trail which runs north of the "traditional Pelican spot" and was rewarded with some of my most obliging opportunities with common species in the area. Check it out: 

Final Rundown:

The good: everything

The bad: not much

The ugly: nothing

I wanted to write these posts to highlight some of the "other" locations I visited in San Diego. La Jolla is thee place to go, so I don't have much to add. I highly recommend it!